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Dougan Homes epitomizes a blend of personalized care, unwavering quality, and local expertise in the realm of residential construction. Established in 2018, our locally owned and operated company stands out for its commitment to excellence in both new builds and renovations.

At Dougan Homes, we pride ourselves on offering a personalized experience for each client. Led by Kane, our founder, every customer receives individualized attention and care throughout the entire process. We understand that your home reflects your dreams and aspirations, and we strive to bring those visions to life with precision and dedication.

Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. Unlike volume builders, we prioritize craftsmanship and attention to detail over quantity. Whether it’s constructing a custom-designed new home or revitalizing an existing property through renovation, we uphold the highest standards of quality to ensure that every project exceeds our clients’ expectations.

As a locally owned business, we understand the unique needs and nuances of our community. Our local expertise allows us to navigate the intricacies of each project with ease, providing tailored solutions that reflect the specific requirements of our clients and the character of the area.

At Dougan Homes, we’re not just in the business of building houses – we’re in the business of building relationships. With our personalized care, unwavering quality, and local expertise, we’re here to make your dream home a reality. Experience the difference that comes with working with a team that truly cares about your satisfaction and the success of your project.

Meet Kane

Hi, I’m Kane, the owner and director of Dougan Homes. I’m a visionary leader with a passion for turning your dream home into a reality.

My journey in construction began in 2009 when I embarked on an apprenticeship in Hawke’s Bay. Fuelled by a desire for build excellence, I’ve honed my skills and rose quickly through the ranks.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge and experience, I moved to London, where I got to work on many high-end residential projects, which provided me with the opportunity to refine my craft and master the art of precision and attention to detail.

In 2018, I returned to Hawke’s Bay with the vision to establish a boutique building firm which started as Dougan Construction but is today known as Dougan Homes, where I lead a team dedicated to quality craftsmanship and personalized service.

As a perfectionist, I ensure that every project meets the highest standards of excellence and my team and I take great satisfaction in seeing our valued clients’ dreams come to fruition, guiding them through the journey of building or renovating their homes with care and attention to detail.

Dougan Homes continues to further develop its reputation for quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction, making dreams a reality, one home at a time.

Fiona Horne
“Kane was well organised and we were thrilled that we decided to partner with him.
It was a great decision and we’ve recommended him to others looking to renovate or build a new house."
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Lena Whetton
“Kane was amazing and made the project less stressful than we anticipated and that was due to his communication with us.
We knew at all times how it was progressing and he did well to line up each aspect and stage of the build.”
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Charlotte Weir
“Kane patiently worked his way through the tight build covenants for the development with an architectural designer.
We’re now really enjoying our new home.”
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