Horne Renovation

Welcome to the Horne Project, an extraordinary high-end renovation honoured with a prestigious Master Builders House of the Year award. This stunning transformation perfectly fulfilled the owners’ vision of creating an entertainer’s dream home, seamlessly blending the charm of the old with the sophistication of the new, while prioritizing indoor/outdoor flow.

At the heart of the Horne Project lies a meticulous integration of materials, including solid oak, cedar, travertine, and brushed brass, alongside existing blockwork that has been meticulously honed and polished. This harmonious blend of textures and finishes creates a sense of timeless elegance and understated luxury throughout the home.

A standout feature of the renovation is the addition of a spacious deck on the southwestern side of the property. Once neglected, this wasted space has been transformed into a captivating outdoor retreat, offering panoramic views and basking in the warm afternoon sun. Accessed through large over wall sliding doors, the deck seamlessly extends the living space outdoors, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor entertaining areas.

From its impeccable craftsmanship to its thoughtful design, the Horne Project exemplifies the art of blending old-world charm with modern sophistication. Honoured with a Master Builders House of the Year award, this renovation is a true testament to innovation, creativity, and the seamless integration of form and function. Welcome to the Horne Project, where every detail is meticulously crafted to exceed expectations and create an unparalleled living experience.

“Kane was so proactive right from the start, he picked us up and took us to see some of his completed house projects.  We were really impressed with his workmanship.

We  didn’t want to be too involved in the project, we wanted to walk out as the project got underway and to walk back in when it was ready to be lived in.

With over 90 percent of the two-level home to be renovated, Kane project managed all aspects of the job, while his team of builders pulled out all the stops to meet the Christmas 2022 deadline.”

“Kane was well organised and we were thrilled that we decided to partner with him. It was a great decision and we’ve recommended him to others looking to renovate or build a new house.”

“I am happy to admit that when it came to handing the keys back and the final inspection, Kane’s list of final ‘snags’ (touch ups) was more than mine and it just shows how much Kane is invested in delivering a quality project for his clients.”


Fiona Horne